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About Us

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Ever heard of those two friends that got so close they were pretty much family? Yep, that’s what happened with the founders Trevor Jones and Ryan Hakes. Two Arizona boys that came to the Utah area to go to school and then eventually build their careers.
Both took a lot of interest into the energy saving and efficiency side of improving homes and that’s where they stumbled on Aeroseal. One of the most efficient ways to improve a home! Did their research and realized how great the product was and within months passed all tests and certifications needed to become Certified Aeroseal Dealers!
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Full Home Efficiency Package

Soon after they partnered with SolarVault to provide a solution to Energy Savings and Home Efficiency. Using Aeroseal to make the home more efficient and the solar to eliminate all their energy bills. “We see it as a win-win situation as homeowners reduce the cost of their solar system by about 10-30% as well (because of the aeroseal reduction).”

Spend Less, Save More with Aeroseal

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